More rain today …


It’s raining again today. That’s a good thing. I am planning to taper and rest the next 3 days in preparation for the Canada Day Populaire.

When it is sunny and warm I want to be on the bike. Instead, I am relaxing with a morning coffee watching Wimbledon. Later this morning, Brazil plays Chile in the first game of the knock out stage of the World Cup. That will keep me quiet.

This afternoon, I will begin prepping the Roberts for the ride Tuesday. It doesn’t need much. It is already in pristine condition. I’ll clean and lube the chain, tighten all of the bolts, adjust the brake and derailleur cables and, of course, pledge the frame. Tomorrow morning, I will take it out for a short spin to test it and my legs.

2 thoughts on “More rain today …

  1. I have never used Pledge on my bikes but know some people swear by it. I’d be afraid it would make my matte finish look shiny. I’ve been using some auto body gloss which I use on the cars for that just detailed look, but it doesn’t leave a shine.

    • I just learned of Pledge several months back. I only use it on the steel frame bikes. I am not certain what it may do to carbon – probably nothing. It is remarkable. I usually first wash the bike and then apply the Pledge on a rag. It cuts and removes and dirt or grease and leave a beautiful sheen on the frame and all of the components.

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