I have added a new Site Page …

I have added a new Site Page entitled “2019 Training Plan“.

I am a senior cyclist. And, retired. So that means I have more time than ever to train properly. More time on the bike. More time in the gym. I am also better able to manage my sleep patterns, and eating habits. I have, for all intents and purposes, adopted an professional cyclists life style. I live like a monk 😂

I have setup a separate page to detail my training efforts. In the first place, I don’t want to bore those of you who are not interested in training methods. And yet, I want to chronicle my efforts so I can modify them as necessary. I also want to make room for more general interest cycling topics. Topics other than my personal training efforts.

So, if you are interested to see how a senior cyclist trains for century events, head to the “2019 Training Plan” page. Otherwise, stay where you are for more general interest items.


Coffeeneuring # 7 – JJBean Coffee Roasters

Date: December 9, 2018

Cafe: JJBean Coffee Roasters

Distance: 29.7 km

Drink: Black Single Origin French Press coffee

Notes: This is the 7th, and last, of my coffeeneuring destinations. This one is familiar, and it too is in the neighbourhood. Since opening several years ago, it has been my favourite post-ride stop. I can safely lean my bike against the outdoor patio glass walls, enjoy the ambience of the cafe, and devour one of their imaginative wraps.

This stop was different. My coffee preference has changed. I enjoy, no prefer, French Press single-origin coffee. Today, I purchased 1/2 pound of their Christmas Reserve Guatemala La Garita roughly ground for my French Press. I’ll review my coffee findings in a subsequent post.

Coffeeneuring # 6 – Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Date: November 25, 2018

Cafe: Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Distance: 57 km

Drink: Black drip coffee

Notes: Again, I had never heard of this roaster. To my surprise, they have 4 locations in the city, all of which are on one of my regular bike routes. I chose the Steveston location because I was wanting a longer, easier ride. I purchased a pound of their Fifth Avenue blend, named after their 5th avenue roasting location which is close to home and also on one of my regular routes. This full-body blend is said to have a hint of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and syrup. I had it ground for the French Press, and will test it this week.

“Coffeeneuring” has been an interesting experience for me. I have discovered several new local roasters, and learned a lot about how coffee is harvested, roasted, and prepared. I have one more stop, and then I will share more about each of the coffees and the cafes themselves.

Coffeeneuring # 5 – Continental Coffee House

Date: November 13, 2018

Cafe: Continental Coffee House

Distance: 3o km

Drink: Black drip coffee

Notes: Since 1979 this Italian family run business has been serving Vancouver coffee lovers. They are located on Commercial Drive (“The Drive”) and several years ago opened a second shop in my neighbourhood. I have been enjoying their “Familia” blend since moving here 30 years ago. Today, I purchased 1/2 pound of their French Roast ground for a French Press (I’m committed to stop using paper filters – they are a wasteful, and I may save a tree or two 😂

If you believe in climate warming …

If you believe in climate warming, then set an example, and do something about it.

Recently, I was introduced to ECOSIA, an alternative search engine that uses its profits to plant trees where they are most needed. Every 45 searches plants a new tree, What could be easier.

If you are sceptical, don’t be. I have been using it for several weeks and get consistently accurate search results.

There are many other things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, but nothing is simpler.

Coffeeneuring # 4 – Pallet Coffee Roasters

Date: November 2, 2018

Cafe: Pallet Coffee Roasters

Distance: 36 km

Drink: Black drip coffee

Notes: Today’s coffee stop was a pleasant surprise. Pallet Coffee Roasters is a relatively new local business. Starting in 2014, they quickly gained acclaim winning recognition as the top roaster in town. I had never heard of them. They started with one location on the far side of town but recently opened 2 other stores, one of them in my neighbourhood (they actually took over a Starbuck’s store).

Today’s ride was also a pleasant surprise. It was a cool (12 C), windy but dry ride under clear blue skies over a blanket of fallen leaves. I schedule my Coffeeneuring rides when I run out of coffee. I try to only purchase a 1/2 pound, a week’s supply for me, but some roasters only sell larger quantities I am learning. That is the case this week.

I had intended to try different coffee drinks – espresso, latte … – but since I am purchasing their beans, and prefer my coffee black at home, I am ordering a black drip coffee so that I can taste their roasts beforehand. This week it is a Brazilian bean with a medium-dark roast.