Cycling Books



These are books I have enjoyed, and learned from over  that have made me a better cyclist.

  1. Fast After 50, How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life, Joe Friel, 2015
  2. Fuelling the Cycling Revolution, Nigel Mitchell, 2017
  3. Cycling British Columbia, Paul Wood, 2004
  4. Building Bicycle Wheels, Robert Right, 1977
  5. Open Heart, Open Mind, Clara Hughes, 2015
  6. Custom Bicycles, A Passionate Pursuit, Cortisone Elliott and David Jablonka, 2009
  7. Epic Bike Rides of the World, Lonely Planet
  8. Shadows on the Road, Micahel Barry, 2015
  9. How Cycling Can Save the World, Peter Walker, 2017
  10. Strength and Conditioning for CyclistsOff the Bike Conditioning for Performance and Life, Phil Burt and Martin Evans, 2018
  11. The HIIT BIBLESteve Barrett, 2017
  12. Written in the Snow, Elizabeth Rose, 2019
  13. The Carbon Bubble, Jeff Rubin, 2015

14 How to Cycle Canada The Wrong Way, Lorraine Lambert, 2019