Alone for dinner …

I am alone for dinner this evening.  That doesn’t happen a lot around this house.  Very often my son or daughter are here with their partners and assorted friends.  We eat well most of the time.  Homemake vegetarian fair for the most part.  But when I am alone, I prepare a salad.  I don’t use a recipe.  And, I usually do not need to shop a lot.  Most of the ingredients I prefer are normally stocked in the refrigerator.

Tonight’s concoction included fresh spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, steamed new potatoes and cauliflower, cooked black beans, a chopped celery stick, cucumber, organic and strawberries with 2 pieces of toasted olive bread and cottage cheese on the side tossed in an olive oil and fig balsamic dressing.

This is my preferred meal in the warmer months.  I would eat this every night, and have when I have been alone for extended periods.  During those time, I buy what ever produce looks good and is in season.  I don’t need an appetizer or dessert.  A salad, a big salad, is all I want.

If I did this more often, I would lose the 5 pounds I am wanting to lose.  Every cyclist, it seem, is carrying around unnecessary weight.


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