Cycling Bucket List

The more I ride, the more I want to ride.

Everyone needs a bucket list. I think of it is a blueprint, or road map. A plan. This is my cycling bucket list. It changes over time as I check items off, and add new ones. And, now that I’m retired, I have no excuses. I have the time, and fortunately, enjoy good health.

  1. Explore the Gulf Islands on a bike (Summer  (Summer 2014)
  2. Cycle the Sunshine Coast (Spring 2014)
  3. Climb Cypress Mountain (Summer 2013, Summer 2014, Spring 2016, Summer 2017)
  4. Retrofit my 30 year old, hand-made, Roberts Cycles touring frame (March 2014)
  5. Complete the 2014 Pacific  Populaire (2016)
  6. Go car-less for at least 1 year (2011-2018)
  7. Climb Seymour Mountain (Summer 2013)
  8. Complete 2014 Canada Day Populaire (July 2014)
  9. Cycle the West Maui Loop (May 2013)
  10. Complete the 2016 Whistler Gran Fondo (Crashed)
  11. Complete the 2017 Pacific Populaire (April 9, 2017, 2018)
  12. Complete MEC (Toronto) – Horseshoe Valley Century Ride (July 2017, July 2018)
  13. Complete the 2017 Whistler Gran Fondo (September 9, 2017)

  14. Complete the 2019 Kawartha Lake Century Ride (August 2019)
  15. Cycle the Vancouver Island Loop – Vancouver –  Victoria – Courtney – Powell River – Gibsons – Horseshoe Bay – Vancouver

  16. Cycle the Oregon Coast

  17. Cycle to the cottage – Vancouver to Bolsover …

  18. Cycle Scotland, England, Spain, France, Greece, and Italy

35 thoughts on “Cycling Bucket List

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  6. You need to come to South Africa and ride the Joberg2C – you will not be disappointed. You have done a great job on ticking items off your bucket list so far. Inspirational indeed.

  7. Very impressive list Gary. Much respect on going carless. We are way out in the country in Ontario, I would love to be carless. Unfortunately with a 45 km commute each way, it is just not feasible.
    The only thing I have done on your list is climbing in and out of the crater Haleakala! Loved it! Great blog here 🙂

    • Thanks. I looked at your blog and, if I am not mistaken, you live near Springwater, Ontario. I have a cottage near Orillia and spend 1-2 months there every year cycling. 🙂

  8. If you like to climb, Switzerland needs to go on that list. Plus, there is a new Gran Fondo in Griona, Spain where the riding is epic…two birds, one stone! Awesome list…I want to make one now too!

  9. Hi! So when are you going to tackle the UK? If you need any tips, I’ve done quite a lot of cycling in England (and a bit in Ireland). If you’re looking to add any destinations to your bucket list, I strongly recommend Japan. I blogged about it, but tend to be a bit wordy (and still haven’t finished some of my posts), so my friend’s blog is better (and he takes beautiful photos):

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  13. Great list, and amazing how much you’ve accomplished! Like, I really admire you for going car-less for three years. Everyone else seems to be offering suggestions on new goals, though you’re doing well on your own, but you might look at l’eroica, an Italian sportive of old bikes. The people who started the Italian version, l’eroica in Gaiole, have now set up branches around the world, including in California. You have to ride a pre-1987 bike, with downtube shifters and the whole nine yards. It’s a great party.

  14. “Go car-free for at least a year”.

    Hehe. I did it for 10. 🙂 The last 6 of those featured having two kids too. It really helps if you design your life around not having a car, the same way that most people design their lives around *having* a car, and usually ending up being completely reliant on that car.

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