Cycling challenge … 🚴🏻

Simon has a good idea.

Now that we can’t get out on our bikes the same way, and all of the events are cancelled for now, I need a new goal to shoot for.

I don’t have an indoor trainer, and don’t use Swift, but I have a challenging hill nearby. It’s short, but steep. My PR up the hill is 48 seconds. The KOM for the climb is 24 seconds, exactly twice as fast. Let’s be realistic 😂 I’m not going to beat that, but I can beat my PR. And I don’t want to just beat it. I want to smash it. My challenge for the month is to complete this climb in 40 seconds. That’s a 20% improvement ☹️

Join me. Set a challenge for yourself, and focus on improving your fitness in April as we battle COVID-19 together.

A local jewel … 😃

These are unusual times.

We are asked to practice physical distancing, and self-isolation. As much as cycling is a great physical distancing sport, I’m concerned about getting a cold during these unseasonably cold weather patterns. As a result, I’m changing my training accordingly.

This time of year I would normally be doing longer rides to outlying areas. Now we are asked to stay in our own communities to limit our exposure and that of others. So, I’ve decided to cycle in the immediate community and for shorter durations.

Today, I did 5 laps on the road of a local park that’s just a km away from the house. Each lap includes a steep (12-13%) climb and a longer, more gentle descent. I can do 5 laps in less than an hour, and work as hard as I like. I can climb in a low gear with a higher cadence. Or, I can select a larger gear, and spin more slowly. This adds variety, and enables me to work on different cardiovascular systems.

My plan is to do this route several times a week, and use it as a benchmark of my fitness.

Ironically, I seldom cycled this route previously. It’s a shame. It’s a jewel right in my backyard.

Cycling events cancelled …

Cycling events all over the world are being cancelled.

Every year for the past decade, I have completed the Pacific Populaire, a 100 km ride organized by the B.C. Randonneurs Cycling Club. It has kept me motivated over the winter months, and since it starts and ends just a few blocks from home, there i have no excuse. This year, even before its cancellation, I decided not to do it.

I was preparing to peak this week after carefully progressing through a base, build, and peak blocks for the past 5 months.

What do I do now?

I have picked another century event scheduled for the first week of July. That may be optimistic. Maybe not. It will at least keep me focused as I cycle back through another set, albeit shorter, of base, build, and peak phases.

The weather is improving so it should be easier to get out on the bikes, the perfect physical distancing machines 😂👍