A hike instead …

This was supposed to be a rest day.  It was anything but.

I did a 14 km hike up Lynne Valley and back.  A 5 hour hike.  7 km up,  7 back in pristine  wilderness.  The hike certainly got my mind off Tuesday’s ride.  When you spend 5 hours in the forest like this, you are focused on the effort (it was not an easy hike) and, the beauty and serenity of the place.  The only thing you can hear are your footsteps, the rushing river waters and the birds.  And, the air was so fresh.  So fresh.

Lynne Valley is a short 30 minute drive from the house in the local North Shore Mountain.  It is one of several river valleys we hike and bike regularly.  There is a paved road up Seymour Valley that we ride regularly and, of course, there are numerous trails for mountain biking, something I don’t talk a lot about here.

Yesterday was not as restful as I planned but, it was certainly invigorating and, it got my mind off the upcoming ride.

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