Let me show you …

Let me show you.

Yesterday I outlined STRAVA’s Fitness & Freshness chart. Today I planned to do a difficult interval workout. Before jumping on the trainer, I checked the STRAVA chart, and my resting heart rate (RHR).

STRAVA had calculated that I was in good Form based on the power, relative effort, and time of my last workout. And, my Garmin activity tracker recorded a 35 ppm RHR first thing this morning. These numbers combined indicate I was fully recovered, and ready for a hard interval workout.

And I was.

I completed the threshold+ intervals. They were hard. But they are supposed to be. The point is I did the workout, and it felt easier than the previous interval workout a few days ago. Either I’m getting fitter, or I was more fully recovered today.

I didn’t need STRAVA, or the Garmin activity tracker. I felt ready to work hard. I could tell by my warmup. I felt relaxed, and strong. However, it’s reassuring to see that the STRAVA measures told me the same thing.

I have learned I can depend on STRAVA to tell me when I am recovered, and ready for a harder effort.