What I am changing up …

I train on month long blocks with 3 weeks on, and 1 week off.

Each month I change things up a little, partly to remain motivated, but mostly to progressively increase the load, and volume of my training. This month, I am making 3 changes.

  • I have been training inside for several months. As the weather begins to improve, I plan to ride outside more often, at least once a week. As a rule of thumb, I do not enjoy riding outside unless it is 10+ Celsius. It’s almost there, so as long as it is not raining, I’ll venture out.
  • I usually take 1 day off each week, after 6 days of training. This has worked well, but recently I have felt more fatigued than usual. So, I plan to train for 3 days, and then rest for a day. I will still only rest 1 day in 7, but slip in a rest day every 3rd day. The idea is to do an interval workout at the start of each 3-day block when I am most rested, which will give me 3 days between each of these sessions including a day off. This way I will get a little more rest, particularly preceding the interval workouts.
  • And lastly, I plan to complete 2 of Caroline Girvan’s follow-along workouts every training day. This will mesh well with the 3 day on, 1 day off schedule. Each day I will do one of the Arms & Shoulder, Legs & Glutes, or Chest workouts, plus one of her Ab sessions. This way I complete 2 full body sessions each week with an emphasis on the core.

These are small changes that I hope will better prepare me for a century ride at the end of the month, and help develop a more thorough, varied workout routine going forward.

Do you change things up?

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