Joe Friel’s recommendations 🤔

Joe Friel’s is a cycling coach, and author. His book Faster After 50 outlines strategies to slow, even reverse, the effects of ageing. His recommendations – high intensity workouts, adequate recovery, and additional protein in your diet.

As we age, he illustrates there are 3 “limiting factors” to cycling performance –

  1. Decreasing aerobic capacity
  2. Increasing body fat
  3. Shrinking muscles

The first step in establishing an annual workout schedule is to determine your limiters. This is where you want to focus your time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, I have to determine what type of racing I’m planning to complete. The type of racing you do, the terrain of the race(s), and where you train (ie climate, terrain), determines how you train.

That’s where I’ll head next.

3 thoughts on “Joe Friel’s recommendations 🤔

  1. I’ll have to get that book – I barely remember being 50 – it was so long ago. One trick is to accept being slow. There is more to see that way anyhow.

    Thanks for sharing.

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