I’m already thinking of next year …

I raced in the Kawartha Lakes Classic this summer, and was pleased with result. It was a personal best for me at this distance (100 km). Despite my age, I continue to improve on the bike.

This got me thinking.

This past month, since returning from Camp PedalWORKS, I re-read Joe Friel’s book Faster After 50. In it, he demonstrates that it is not necessary to slow down, and lose fitness. You will age. It’s inevitable. But you can slow the trend, even reverse it. The key is how you train.

I have trained, in one form or another, all my life, and have followed Joe Friel’s prescription of high intensity training, recovery, and diet for several years now. This coming year, I plan to tweak his training program, and set a new goal for 2020.

In the posts to follow, I’ll outline my new goal, and the plan to achieve it.

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