It’s too cold today …


I’d better get use to this.

It’s cold. Too cold to enjoy cycling outside. -1C. And, apparently it is here to stay.

I know. I know. I’m a wimp. I know many of you ride in colder, harsher weather. I used to as well. But my focus has changed. I ride to train. And I can’t train effectively when I’m cold, and the roads are slippery. Instead, I prefer to stay inside on the spinning bike.

Today, I walked to the gym, did a 45 minute endurance spin averaging 150-200 watts.

Call me a wimp if you like, but I got a more effective workout in. This month, the forecast is for cold, wet weather.

I’ll get out on the bikes when it is dry, and warmer (5C or higher).

3 thoughts on “It’s too cold today …

  1. No need to explain, man. I don’t ride outside when it’s cold and/or wet because I don’t like it. I think those who choose to are nuts. Simple as that. We get enough miles when the weather is great.

  2. We all have a threshold. Yours is lower than mine and mine is way lower than others I know…besides, training indoors for what you will be doing in the summer is a way better method than trudging through the wet/ice/snow/frost at this time of year

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