It’s wet today …


Today is February 1.

It’s wet. And cold. Well, not cold like the rest of the country, but cold for these parts. 7 degrees Celsius. Warm enough to ride, but with the wind and rain, it wouldn’t be much fun. So today was a gym day. A day on the spinning bike.

I did a Lactate Threshold workout. Following a 15 minute warmup, I completed a 3 x 7 minute workout averaging 271 watts on the last set. This workout simulates a hill I use for repeat climbs – 7 minutes up, and 3 minutes back down. Inside, I actually work harder, maintaining a consistent effort. The outdoor climb averages 5% but there are easier, and steeper sections.

During the winter months, I plan to spin inside doing HIIT workouts at least twice a week – one a Lactate Threshold and the other a VO2 Max. The rest of the time, I hope to be outside on the road bikes, but that depends on the weather.

The intent is to improve my FTP prior to the Pacific Populaire in April.

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