Old shoes with new life …

These shoes are old. They must be 7, maybe 8, years old.

They are a hand-me-down. A gift from a road racer friend. He used them for one season, and since he is equipped with a new kit (including shoes) every season, he had no further use for them. They fit me perfectly. Size 43. My size.

My first real road cycling shoes.

I used them for another two season before acquiring my carbon road bike and, for some reason, didn’t think their colour (black) was right for the bike. I wanted white. So, I purchased a pair of Shimano’s top-of-the line shoes, and stored the black pair away. Somehow, they got misplaced.

Today, I rediscovered them stuffed in a tool box stored away in the garage attic.

Who put them there?

I pulled them out, washed them down with warm water and soap, polished them, installed new insoles, and cleats. Apart from numerous small scratches on the bottom they look, and fit like new. They are such a good fit, I am going to use them while training with Chas, and save my newer shoes for Lou.

Unlike walking shoes, cycling shoes last longer. They are not subject to the same wear and tear. The shoe tops do stretch but a new set of insoles correct that. And the cleats wear but they can be easily replaced.

In the past, I have replaced shoes too quickly.

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