Dressed in black …

I dressed in black today.

It started with my reclaimed cycling shoes. I slipped on an old, but favourite, pair of black bibs, a black wind jacket, a black helmet, black socks, and black gloves.

How appropriate. I have been in mourning for a week.

Last week we lost Mohammed Ali. The greatest of them all. This week we lost Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey. The most complete player the game has seen. And, this morning, I awoke to the news of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The worst mass shooting in the country’s history.

I wore black today to show my respect for the Ali, Howe, and all of the Orlando victims families.

Sometimes, a ride is more than a ride.

2 thoughts on “Dressed in black …

  1. Sometimes, a ride is more than a ride. Beautiful and sad at the same time. Such a tragedy, I keep shaking my head at how and most importantly WHY people do such things. It’s baffling and tragic.

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