Chas and Lou take a road trip …


You remember Chas and Lou. My road bikes. Well, they are heading out on a road trip to the cottage in rural Ontario for the summer.They have been there before. In fact, Chas is from the area. But they have never been there together. The three of us are making our way over the rockies and across the plains, campingย in scenic spots along the way.

They keep asking “Why aren’t we riding?”. It is a good question. The couple at the camp site next to usย are cycling from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC on a recumbent. Chas said “If they can do it on that, surely you can do it on me. I’m made for this kind of stuff!”.

He is right of course. I keep making excuses. It’s too far. I don’t have enough time. I’m not sure I could do it. You know. I’m sure you have heard these any others many times over.

So, I resolve to do it next time. Cycle from home to the cottage which is about 3,500 – 4,000 km depending on the route. In the meantime, Chas and Lou are taking a rest. I may put them on the road one evening but my intention is to rest them, and me for 5-6 days as we explore and look for new adventures. By the time we arrive, we will all be anxious to put rubber to the road. Their rubber.


22 thoughts on “Chas and Lou take a road trip …

  1. I suppose if you’re into that kind of thing it would be neat. Personally, being married, I don’t know if I could ever make time for something like that. Figure 200 km a day, that’s 18-20 days! In a row… I can’t imagine why I’d ever want to do that. Go to the cottage, sit back and eat nice dinners, read nice books, sleep well and ride hard during the day… Now THAT’S a vacation!

    • Probably the reason I have never done it. There is a cyclist in Vancouver that together with his buddies set a Guinness World Record for crossing the continent. They cycled non-stop, averaged 30 kph, and took turns resting. Maybe you would prefer something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Have a great vacation! On a side note, what covers are those you have for your bikes? Any issues with them and the bikes paint? I don’t have a cover for my bike when it rides on the rack, so if it’s going to rain while on the road I will usually pack it in it’s travel back and put it in the back of the SUV, but that can be difficult if it’s loaded with luggage. I’ve always been worried by using a cover like that that they will blow around and chafe the paint?

    • These ones didn’t work out. The wind torn them at highway speeds and they put a real drag on the car. I patched them and put them on the bikes at night so they are less noticeable and protect them from the rain and dew.

      • That stinks, hadn’t even though about them tearing at speed. Thanks for the info, I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Can’t wait to see updates from the cottage again!

      • I still think they are a good idea. It’s a project when I return to make sturdier, waterproof bags using a more industrial type of material. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Having been away for a while, I come back to a post where a certain Chas and a certain Lou are talking. I scroll down to older posts and it all starts to make sense. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I take it you have left for the cottage, I will catch up with later posts.

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