My dash-cam …


I took a lengthy road trip several years ago. Like this one, I was alone most of the time. To pass the time, I began taking photographs through the windshield. At the time, I didn’t give them a lot of thought. I was moving too fast to think much about composition. When I got home, I put them together in a slideshow and was surprised with how much I liked them. This trip I am more disciplined. Every hour, on the hour, I snap a shot regardless of where I may be. I am also taking a picture at every rest stop, camp ground, and anything interesting along the way. The rules are simple. The car must be in motion. The camera angle remains the same. I use the automatic exposure features. And, part of the car hood is in every frame. I haven’t downloaded any yet, but when I do, I will put a montage together and share it here.

I am also using the iPhone camera to record Chas and Lou’s experience. I had to remove the bike bags. They tore in the wind and caused substantial drag, not to mention I couldn’t see out the back. Chas an Lou love it. They can see the remarkable scenery with the wind on their bars and saddle. Every time I step out of the car, I snap a picture of them with a new back drop. Together with my dash-cam pictures, I will have photo journal of the trip.

It’s not unusual to take pictures on a holiday. I have never done it with a stationary camera, or with a focus on bikes in transit. I wonder if it will be of interest to anyone other than myself.


6 thoughts on “My dash-cam …

  1. If it involves bikes, I’m usually interested. πŸ˜‰

    On a similar note, I’m thinking about picking up a Garmin VIRB to use on bike to capture some rides and one of the alternate uses would be as a dash cam as well, either recording video or timed stills.

    • I just downloaded the DashCam images. At total of 450. After a quick look, I have identified 65 I like, or think are interesting. What to do next?

      They are an interesting record of the topography, and the skies. I’ll boil the list down to 20-25 and post a photo gallery.

      I have just set the camera up in the front window of the cottage to shoot the activity over the next 6-8 weeks.

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