How to Pass a Cyclists While Driving

This is a helpful post – something I have thought about often.

Bike OKC


Very few drivers I encounter while on my bike understand the proper way to pass a cyclist.  Most driver fall into one of two categories: those who are afraid to pass, either because they are unsure of what to do or are afraid to cross the center line into oncoming traffic, and those who treat cyclists as an inconvenience and accelerate around as fast as they can.  Neither of these techniques are appropriate or helpful for either party.  Here’s why.

Those who wait behind someone on a bike are causing two things to happen.  First they are making the cyclists feel nervous.  As a cyclist, when you have a car driving slowly behind you, it is hard to feel in control of the situation.  I don’t know when the driver is going to go around, or if he’s going to make a move as I’m turning left, or if he is going to run me…

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