Cycling in the cold weather …

It’s December 1 today. It’s not winter yet. But, in this part of the world, we are experiencing unseasonably cold weather. In fact, we are setting records throughout the province. There is snow on the ground, ice on the roads and clear blue skies. It was 5 degrees Celsius during the day. Minus at night.

Cycling in this weather is a challenge. An adventure. The key is to layer clothing and keep the head, hands and feet warm. I dressed this morning as if I was heading out skiing or snowshoeing.

Surprisingly, I liked the ride home. I really wasn’t cold. In fact, I worked up a sweat on the climb home. However, I was careful not to go too fast. Not because I was concerned about hitting an icy patch. That was certainly a possibility. No, I was more concerned about the wind. Anything over 25 kph was too cold on the face.

It was a 30 km ride home. Mostly flat. Several small grades and one 3 km climb. This time of year, I focus more on form and technique than anything else. In particular, I concentrate on pedalling in circles the entire ride.

I am drafting this post while watching the local news on TV. Warm temperatures and rain are forecast for Friday. I don’t know which I prefer most. Cold with sunny skies. Or, warm, rain and cloudy skies. How about sunny, hot and clear blue skies? That sounds about right.

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