Bolsover | Travel Day

It is always bitter sweet closing up the cottage.  I look forward to getting home with friends and family.  And yet, I hate to leave.  I am never certain when I will return.

Yesterday, I packed and closed the cottage ready for an early departure this morning.  I am getting good at closing the cottage.  I have done it often enough.  All of the linens and pillow covers are washed and put into vacuum packed bags for safe keeping.  All of the dishes are washed and put out of the reach of the mice that inevitably find a way in.  I turn the bed on end to keep the mice off.  The refrigerator is emptied and cleaned.  And, I bring all of the outside furniture in.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but it takes me all day.

It also took a long time to pack the bike.  Much longer than normal.  Somehow, I lost the pedal adaptor for my multi-tool and couldn’t remove the pedals.  It is not an option with the case I have.  The nearest bike shop is a 45 minute drive.  I had no choice.  Two hours lost on a day with no time to spare.

I am at the airport early.  I am always early.  These days there is free internet provided by the various shops in the waiting areas at the gates.  I remember the days when you had to pay or, worse yet, it simply wasn’t available.

This will be a long day.  It is only a 5 hour flight but from the time I left the cottage until the time I get to the house, 14 hours will have passed.  This will be more tiring than a day long ride.

Tomorrow, I will be riding the Garneau, a lighter and much faster carbon bike, climbing hills once again 2,500 km away.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to cycle across the country.  Many do it.  Some solo.  Some in groups.  It is a 30-60 day trip depending on the route chosen and skill level.  I think I would enjoy it and have considered adding it to my cycling bucket list.

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