Bolsover | My Last Ride

Today was my last ride in the Bolsover area for another year.  I fly out tomorrow.

I only had time for a 35-40 km ride.  I had to pack and close up the cottage for another season.  This always seems to take the better part of a day.  I chose to do the Canal Lake Loop, a familiar ride past scenic views of the lake that includes the biggest climb in the area.

This was a farewell ride.  A celebratory ride.  I didn’t push it.  I did that yesterday.  I cycled at a comfortable pace stopping several times to enjoy the scenery and solitude.  The only sounds on the back roads came from my jacket flapping in the wind.  Whenever I stopped, it was silent.  No cars.  No farm machinery.  Only birds sometimes chatting it up.  It was exquisite.  I’ll miss the quiet.

I cycled 15 out of a possible 21 days this trip.  Fewer than I expected.  And, clocked over 700 km averaging almost 50 km per day.  I planned to cycle more but the weatherman didn’t co-operate.  When it rained, I rested.

I thought of this trip as a training camp of sorts.  I am pleased with the results.  I have lost a few pounds.  I’ll know better when I get back and weigh myself.  I am stronger.  Cycling in the wind helped to not only strengthened my legs but improved my pedalling stroke.  It is noticeably more efficient.  I pedal in circles effortlessly – on the flats, into the wind and climbing.  And, I am more aerodynamic.  I ride on the drops most of the time.  I actually prefer the position.  It is a more powerful position and clearly there is less resistance.  Yesterday, I did an 80 km ride at a relatively fast pace.  I didn’t tire – felt like I could have done a lot more.

Tomorrow I am back to the city.  Traffic.  Congestion.  Television.  Work.  Noise.  And, compromise.  I’ll need a week, maybe longer, to readjust.  I have done this many times but, this time, it’s different.  Previously, I would think of the cottage as a place to holiday.  I am now beginning to think of it as a place for extended visits.

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