My ride has a new look

My ride has a new look.

It is the rainy season, time to put the training wheels on.  They needed a new set of tires.  I shop for bargains at so when they put the Michelin PRO 4 Endurance tires on sale, I couldn’t resist.  I have heard good things about the tire and wanted to introduce more red to the bike.  The red on the tire walls picks up the bits of red on the frame.

The Fi’zi:k Arione saddle was also on sale.  I have been riding with the black version and really like it but when I put white bar tape on the bike last summer, I didn’t like the combination.  So now the bar tape and saddle match – a look I seem to prefer.

What do you think?  Do you like this look?

9 thoughts on “My ride has a new look

  1. Oh my! Just looked closely at the wheels… You don’t need the plastic cap on the presta valve – it’s only use is in shipping to keep the screw post from puncturing the tube. Also, the screw-on washer is only necessary if the stem is too short to get the pump to bite on the valve in a fully deflated state… Your stem should be long enough that you’d be okay – keeping the washer will wear the paint on the rim while serving no useful purpose on the wheel. I’d broom those.

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