Fitting a (tight) tire

Have you ever had difficulty fitting a tire on a wheel?

Last summer I had a flat on the return leg of a very enjoyable, lengthy ride.  The first flat in over a year.  Lucky, I thought.  After removing the tire and replacing the tube, I could not get the tire back on.  A novice, you think.  Not really.  I have been installing tires, and patching flats, for over 30 years.  I laboured at the side of the road, in the heat of a hot summer day, for an hour.  Fortunately, there was a bike shop near by and, for $15, the mechanic quickly, and easily, replaced it.  I paid careful attention and thought I had learned my lesson.

It seems I did not ask the right questions.

Yesterday, I recommissioned my new Michelin Pro 4 Endurance tires (part of my Roberts rebuild project) from my training wheels to my lighter carbon wheels.  Well, that’s not quite right.  I could not get the new tire on the front rim.  It was too tight.  And, I wasn’t alone.  My son, who is much more experienced (if that is possible) and stronger, had the same difficulty.  We left it while I researched the problem.

What would I do without YouTube?

I found this video that explains the problem and, more importantly, how to resolve it.  It takes the right technique, patience, hand strength and perseverance.  The key, it seems, is to make certain the tire bead is as low as possible within the rim for the portion of the tire already on so that there is additional circumference available for the unseated portion.

The tires fitted the training rims fine.  It would appear the Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 C24 rims are a touch larger making the installation a little more difficult.  And, frustrating.

Watch the video and practice before you get stuck on the road as i did.


2 thoughts on “Fitting a (tight) tire

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