Make your shoes better …

I have 4 pair of cycling shoes – 2 for Shimano road pedals, and 2 for SPD (Shimano Pedalling Dynamics) pedals used on the gravel and mountain bikes. The road shoes are 8-10 years old, but still in excellent condition. My newest shoes are for the gravel bike, and are only 2 years old. New by comparison.

I’ve had many bike fits, some professionally done, others completed with the help of friends. Every time the fitter recommends (and sells) new insoles. I was always sceptical but must admit they have lengthened the use of the shoes. They stretch over time and the insoles compensate for the extra space.

Last week I found a new pair of insoles stuffed in a box with old, unused cycling gear. I don’t need them in my road shoes but decided to put them in my new(er) gravel shoes. I didn’t think they were needed. The original insoles seemed fine.

Well I was wrong.

Not only do the Superfeet insoles take up any slack, they provide better arch support, which in turn distributes the forces on the feet more evenly. This results in more power.

How much?

Who knows.

But I feel like I’m pedalling more efficiently, with more power and less effort.

Try it, if you haven’t already.

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