A new challenge … 😂

I live near one of the city’s golf courses. It’s closed to golfers, but open to the public for walks. Since the physical distancing restrictions were implemented, I walk the course regularly.

Today I tried something new. If you have been following the blog, you know I’m in search of the perfect push up. I’m progressing, and can now complete several at a time. Well, today I set a new challenge for myself.

I walked the front 9 from tee to green. At each tee box and green, I dropped down, and did a few push ups. I didn’t count them all, but figured I completed 18-25. A new challenge came to mind – do push ups to match the hole number. For example, on hole one, do one. On hole nine, do nine. If I did them at each tee box and green, that would be a total of 90 push-ups.

I’ll do this once or twice a week as long as the course is closed. It will be difficult for me if today was any indication, but worth a try 😂

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