Just try it. I dare you.


Just try it. Just try and steal my bike.

Thanks (again) to Chasing Mailboxes, I discovered a trick to thwart would be thieves by simply passing my helmet strap through the front wheel and bike frame before clasping it. Sure. It is easy to remove. And, I would never leave the bike for long like this, but since learning of the technique, I have tried it twice. The first time, I had to quickly run into a neighbourhood store. I leaned Thatch against the front window so she was in full view the entire time I was inside. And, the next time, I was at my grandson’s soccer game. I was never more than 20-30 feet away from Thatch but rather than worry about her, I enjoyed the game knowing that a would be thief wouldn’t get far without me noticing.

This is another clever use of a helmet that I never thought of.

Thatch: “I’m not surprised.”

I wonder what other uses for the helmet I may discover 🙂



6 thoughts on “Just try it. I dare you.

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    • I always carry a lock on the commuter (Thatch), but never on the road bikes (Chas and Lou). I am out on them for a workout and carry as little a possible – tire irons, tube, cartridge, wallet, iPhone, and a banana or cliff bar. So, when I stop for a mid-ride coffee, I lean the bike against the cafe window while I am inside ordering so I can keep an eye on it. Leaving my helmet strapped around the front tire and frame gives me some comfort from a would be thief. You don’t hame this problem with Busby.

      • Busby has an immobiliser which I use for quick stops like this. I have a chain as well but if I’m stopping somewhere briefly I’ll just use the immobiliser.

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