Another great ride …

Some rides are better than others. Some more memorable.

Yesterday, I did an 85 km ride with my son. We have done some really great rides together over the years. He is much stronger than me but stays with me, pushing me harder than I might if I were alone or with a group my own age.

He likes to take me on new routes; places we haven’t been together; places that make the day memorable. Yesterday, he did just that. We started from the house in Vancouver, headed north through Stanley Park, over the Lions Gate Bridge and then west along Marine Drive to Horseshoe Bay where we stopped to refuel. Then we headed east, up Seymour Mountain for several kilometres and then traversed east at mid-mountain on a series of residential roads I had never been on previously. The view was amazing. The whole of the Lower Mainland was in clear view.

This was not an easy ride. A lot of climbing the entire way. Long, steep climbs. Long, fast descents. We were out for 4-5 hours including a lunch stop on the way back. It was a remarkable day. Another one of those rides I will remember for a long time; one of those rides I will want to do again with him.

We both have a Garneau carbon bike outfitted with a Dura-Ace group. His is a year younger than mine. This was the first time this season that I remember riding the Garneau’s together. He also has a Cervelo and I often train on the Roberts. But the Garneau’s are our favourite bikes. Perfect for climbing. Perfect for making rides memorable.

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