Bolsover | The Red Maple

A Red Maple punctuates the my waterfront.  It is the only one on the water and uniquely marks the cottage like a searchlight in the night.

When I was young, we travelled by boat mostly.  When my friends would ask “Where do you live?”, I would respond with “head west until you see the Red Maple on your right”.  Our place became known as The Red Maple.

The Red Maple (acer rubrum) turns colour early.  It begins as soon as the evenings become cool.  Early fall.  This is the first year I have seen it in full colour for a very long time.  I am usually here in the warmer, summer months and miss this splendid burst of red.  The evenings this past week have been cool and the tree began to turn.  Each day, more and more red began to appear until, by yesterday, all of the foliage is crimson red.

Red in my favourite colour.  It always has been.  It is the colour of fire and is associated with power, strength, determination, passion, warmth, desire and love.  The tree stands proudly at the edge of the water as if to say “Welcome.  This is my place.”  When I wear red, and I do frequently, I feel the same way.  Confident.  Outgoing.  I wonder if The Red Maple has anything to do with my liking red.

The Red Maple is mature, about 75 years old.  I understand it may live as long as 150 years.  It thrives on the waters edge basking in the morning sun.  It it lives thats long, that is another 5 possible generations.  Another 5 generations of young children to enjoy the splendour and summer shade of this magnificent tree.

Today was a rest day.  No Cycling.  Tomorrow summer weather returns with 21 C, clear skies and little wind.  I completed a few chores and began packing today so that I can spend the entire day tomorrow on the bike exploring my favourite roads for the last time this trip.