Christmas gift ideas …


I have read several posts recently with gift suggestions for cyclists. They have been interesting, even helpful, but I do something a little different.

I love getting cycling stuff for Christmas. Unfortunately, most of my family have no idea what I may need, or like. And, I don’t want them spending a lot of money. Cycling stuff is expensive, if you haven’t figured that out already.

I have some preferences. The Louis Garneau apparel fits me really well, better than other brands, and it’s a Canadian company. Eh!  And ProBikeKit (a candy store for roadies) sells all of the consumables I need – chains, cassettes, brake pads, tires, wheels, cranks … Every year, at the start of December, both of these retailers have an on-line sale. A real sale. Selected items are discounted 50-60%. Really! Some may be last year’s stock, but who cares. So, I go shopping, and purchase items I need (or want).

This year, I bought a pair of bibs that match the Team Europcar jersey I purchased last year at this time, an Ultegra 6700 chain and cassette for the Roberts, Vittoria 28mm training tires for my winter wheels, neoprene booties, another road helmet (I try to turn them over every few years as recommended), and waterproof gloves. Then I put these items in a big plastic bag, unopened of course,  and tell my family if they (or Santa)  needs a present for me, all they have to do is rummage through the bag in my cupboard. I never look in the bag again until after Christmas, so I still have a modicum of surprise. If there are items left, I gift them to myself for the New Year.

I get what I need, still have surprises, and save everyone money. In case you are worried, I do get other presents.

Happy shopping 🙂