We made it safely … ☺️


Well, we made it.

Lou and I arrived safely at the cottage. I spent a month plotting how I could safely transport him in my over-used, battered TC-1 travel case. You see, the case is broken. The 2 clasps that safely secure each side are missing. They have been since I acquired the used case several years ago.

Each time I travel with a bike, I have the same discussion.

“Should I purchase a new case. A case more worthy of my bikes. It’s time, and it really isn’t that expensive when you consider how often I use it.”

“No. They are expensive. Why do you need to spend $500 when all you need to do is to attach 2 additional tie down straps. That’s all it needs.”

This discussion goes on and on. And, each time I travel, I do my best to make certain it will not pop open during transit spilling my bike, and at its parts, on the tarmac somewhere.

You see, the problem is I have to re-open the case every time it is checked at the airport. It seems non of the airport scanners are not large enough for over-sized baggage. Once I have it secured, the last thing I want to do is re-open it. It is not easy to close again. The straps fall off. The combination lock is finicky, not wanting to close. And, because I have to remove parts to be scanned, I am never really sure if all the parts, and tools, are back in the case. I once arrived home without the wheel quick release skewers. They were probably left on the examination table in my hast. That’s the other thing. I am always in a such a hurry to catch my flight. The last thing I want to do is re-open that case.

I had a new strategy this trip.

Thanks to a quick witted, generous sole working at Home Depot, I figured out how to keep the additional straps on the box. Double-sided velcro.

Why didn’t I think of that?

The velcro keeps the straps in place when I re-open the case for inspection, and making it easier to cinch down again. And, I packed fewer items, making it much easier to re-close the box. It seems I was stuffing way to much inside. Instead, I packed my shoes, cleats, helmet, and all my kits in either my carry on knapsack or other checked bag.

Voila! Problem solved. $500 saved.

And not only that, I was able to better protect the carbon frame, forks, and seat post. Again, my new found Home Depot friend suggested insulation wrap used to cover pipes.

Foam, self seal pipe insulation!

It’s easy to install. Easy to remove. And, re-usable.

See, you can teach an old dog new tricks 😆


TC-1 Hard Shell Case … 🤔

I have been travelling with the TC-1 Hard Shell Case for several years now, and have written about it several times in the past. In fact, it is one of the mostly read posts on this blog, with over 800 view in 3 years. Go figure.

What its it about this case?

Other cyclists must like to travel with their bikes 😀

The case was used when I got it. It originally belonged to one of my son’s clients. He disposed of it because the side clamps that secure the box together had been damaged, and removed. There is a small combination lock at the top, and a wide velco strap that keep the box closed but I have been increasingly more nervous travelling with it. I’m frightened it will open up in transit, and I will loose everything.

I have considered purchasing a new box but this one is a good size and weight, and apart from the missing side clasps, it is in excellent shape. So, I decided to fashion additional, high-tech closures.

So, off I went to Home Depot, returning with two additional tie-down straps, and double-sided, stick-on telco strips to secure the straps to the box. Now it can’t break apart in transit.

I’m ready to go 😂