A new challenge …

If you follow this blog, you know I like to challenge myself. Before COVID, I would train for 3-4 century rides spread over the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Since all of the cycling events were cancelled this year, I have adopted other challenges, mostly chasing personal STRAVA PR’s on the local hills. This month, I’m trying something new.

Again, if you follow this blog, you know I invested in a smart trainer a few months ago. Thanks to FulGaz, and other apps, I have cycled all over the world including Canada, US, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Norway, and Sweden, places I don’t expect to visit anytime soon. I have enjoyed all of these virtual rides, but some more than others. Some were flat, boring, and lonely. Others, more challenging, scenic, fun, and populated with other cyclists. My favourite rides, without exception, are those in Spain. The scenery is spectacular, often with ocean views under summer skies. They always include climbs, some short, but mostly longer around 8-10 km at a 6-8% incline. Some are just climbs, Others also include fast, snake-like descents. And, at least so far, they have included other cyclists on the road. It seems Spain is a cycling mecca.

What is my new challenge you ask?

Well, FulGaz has over 40 rides in Spain. My plan between now and the end of February, is to complete them all. February is a cold, wet month in these parts. I don’t expect to ride outside at all. Instead, I’m imagining I have rented a cottage in rural Spain for the month with the intention of cycling every day in my hot weather kits.

What do you do to stay motivated?