Some things are simply too beautiful for words …

Some things are simply too beautiful for words. When you see them, they take your breath away, and make your heart beat a little faster.

This cycling kit is a belated birthday gift from my son and his partner. It is exquisite. The material is fine and smooth like silk. The colours stunning, frolicking on the fabric like children at play. These pictures don’t do them justice. And, the caricatures … oh the caricatures. They make me smile and depict what cycling is to me. Play.

The Marathon des Dolomites is an epic, historical ride in the Italian Dolomites.

From Wikipedia …

The Maratona dles Dolomites (Dolomites Marathon), is an annual single-day road bicycle race covering seven spectacular mountain passes in the Dolomites. Open to amateur cyclists, the Maratona—with 9,000 riders from over 40 nations—is one of the biggest Italian Granfondo bicycle races. National Geographic described it as “one of the biggest, most passionate, and most chaotic bike races on Earth.

My son and his partner cycled the course this summer. And the summer before. They have matching kits from another year that they wear when they cycle with one another. Here they are at the start the West Maui Loop a few years ago.


They purchased the 2013 kit for me this summer. Each year there is a theme for the race, and it is featured on the kits. In 2013, the year of my kit, it was Harmony. How appropriate. That’s exactly what this kit will do.

I haven’t worn the kit yet. I am waiting for a warm day, and a time when my son and his partner can join me.

Chas: “It’s perfect! Take me.”

Lou: “I love it! No, take me.”

The kit will look good on both Chas and Lou.


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