Impressionist photography …

I’ve long been a fan of impressionist photography. Photographs that are more about feelings than reality. Jerry Uelsmann has been a mentor. He was the first to combine images in the darkroom. And Barbara Astman who’s collages combine photographs with other media. There are other techniques. In-camera, double exposures. Camera movement during the exposure. Long exposures.

How about rain on the windshield?

I ran into a lot of bad weather on the way home this year, and became intrigued with DashCam photographs taken in the rain. I’d like to print and mount one.

Do you have a favourite?






Sidewalks, stoplights and stores …


I’m back in the city where there are sidewalks, stoplights, and stores. A lot of stores. A lot of people. And, a lot of vehicles. I have even put my watch back on. This all seems surreal. For over 2 months, there was none of this. Time didn’t matter. I got up and went down with the sun. The only sounds were birds fighting over berries, fish jumping, the wind rustling leaves, and occasionally, the sound of construction. Saws humming. Hammers pounding.

I’m not judging. I’m simply saying it’s different. More than I expected. I’m tired all the time, and hurt all over. My back. My joints. My head. Maybe it is the barometer. I’m at sea level now. Or, the colder, damp air. All I know is that I feel different. Uncomfortable.

There are no corn fields. No cattle grazing. No quiet, rolling, rural roads. Roads perfect for cycling. No view of the lake from the front windows. No trawlers. No “loopers”.

I’ll adjust. I always do. I’ll feel better. I always do. It just takes time. A week. Sometimes longer.

For now, everything is a blur. Unfamiliar.