I waited a long time …


I waited a long time to write this post.

Before Christmas I purchased this new kit. I bought it for 2 reasons. First, it was on sale. Louis Garneau were clearing these Europcar jerseys. I understand Europcar, the Paris car rental company, will no longer sponsor the mainly France-based cycling team. That must be the reason LG decided to clear them. And secondly, and most importantly, I like the colour. It matches Chas’s frame with the green, black and white theme.

I bought the jersey at the end of 2014 with no intent on wearing it until the spring of 2015. I tucked it away in my closet, not thinking about it much until the weather got warmer and dryer. I pulled it out, admired how nice it looked with Chas, my new all white LG helmet and my new white and black Fi’zi:k road shoes. The perfect kit.

Chas: “I like it!”

Then I made a deal with myself. I was in the midst of my winter training regimen, and among other things, I was intent to get down to my ideal cycling weight at the beginning of the season. You have to understand I was not overweight. But a few pounds on the bike can make a big difference, particularly when climbing. It was just a few pounds. Surely I could lose a few pounds over the winter months. So this was the deal. I could not wear the new jersey until I was at my ideal cycling weight.

Chas: “You’re not trying hard enough. It’s only a few pounds.”

I trained hard. Ate well balanced meals. Got stronger in the gym, and on the spinning bike. And, I got a little heavier. Not a lot. “Maybe it’s muscle”, I thought. But it was not the direction I wanted. When spring came, and I got outside more on the bikes, I felt strong and ready to ride, even if I was a little heavier. Maybe that was my new ideal weight. Maybe that’s what happens when you get old. Maybe there’s a young man’s ideal weight, and an old man’s ideal weight.

I wasn’t about to accept that.

Today I stepped on the scales and there it was. My ideal weight. After 2 months of cycling an average of 50 km most days and eating a simpler, lower calorie diet, I was at my ideal weight. I have been close most of the past 2 months but those last few pounds were the most difficult to lose. It appears cottage life agrees with me. I am more active, cycle more, and don’t watch any TV.

To celebrate my new look, I am planning to don the new jersey (and matching bibs) tomorrow and cycle a new route with members of the local cycling club here in the area.

Chas: “It’s about time.”

I haven’t decided whether to ride with Chas or Lou.

Chas: “WHAT!”

The roads will be smooth and fast. The kind Lou and I like the best.

Lou: “Perfect.”

I’ll decide in the morning. Either way, I’ll enjoy it.

Although I’d look better on Chas.

Chas: “You damn right!”

And it’s fitting he and I share the moment.

Chas: 🙂