A prostate-friendly saddle … 🤔


I have declared war!

I’m sick and tired of having frequent “calls of nature” on my morning rides, and in particular, competitive centuries. I have stopped drinking coffee. That seems to have helped. I have eliminated citrus from my energy gel recipe, and I have begun making my own electrolyte drink with less sodium, and citrus.

But, and this is a big but, these changes have made little difference on longer rides. I completed a 3 1/2 hour ride Sunday, and needed to stop several times. Throughout the day, and during the night, I have noticed a big change. Fewer “calls of nature”. So, what is the difference when I take a longer ride. Well, it could be the bike fit, and in particular, my saddle.

So, I made another change. I’m in “A sea of change”, as bike for all seasons refers to my current dilemma. I changed to a more prostate-friendly saddle on Lou, the Garneau. This is not a new saddle. I have had it for several years but it has been on other bikes, mostly recently on my son’s commuter. I’m reluctant to purchase another saddle at this point. I’ll try the Selle Italia Neckkar Flow for a month to see if the cutout and recessed area make any difference on longer rides. They are intended to reduce pressure on the perineum which can cause inflammation of the prostate – a potential cause for the frequent “calls of nature”. I rode for 2 hours yesterday, and didn’t have to stop 😊 And, again today.

That’s a good first step.

There are a number of more prostate-friendly saddles on the market. I also have a Fabric Scoop on one of the bikes. This saddle does not have a cutout but does have a large recessed area at the back. I was fitted for this saddle 2 years ago, and must admit it is a comfortable ride but I don’t use it on the road bikes. I have 2 Fi’z:k Arione saddles on the road bikes, and thought I liked them. I do. But they are narrower, have less padding, do not have a cutout, or recessed area.

The Fi’z:k saddles may be contributing to the problem.

Another saddle I am considering is the Specialized Romin Evo Comp Gel. It comes highly recommended by one of the local road cycling shops. It has a wider, longer cutout, and may warrant a try.

This is a war I am not prepared to lose 🎖

Do you know of a more suitable saddle for male cyclists complaining about frequent “calls of nature” 🚽?