Pictures. Not words.

This past month, I have shared a lot of videos.


Well, I have been researching how to become a better cyclist, learning more about HIIT, polarized training, fasted cardio, intermittent fasting, the benefits of drinking coffee, optimum pre and post workout meals, indoor training workouts, core training exercises, Everlasting, and why oatmeal is the perfect food.

As a result, I have revised my training schedule. I train 6 days a week, fast 16 hours a day, complete 90 minutes of cardio while fasting, eat oatmeal with a banana and blueberries every day, complete two HIIT workouts each week, train indoors mostly using a power meter and heart rate monitor, drink 3 cups of black filtered coffee a day all the while contemplating my next cycling adventure.

This week I’m heading to Scottsdale, Arizona with my carbon road bike. I’m looking forward to the warmer, dryer weather, and cycling outdoors again. We have experienced one of the wettest Novembers on record, and I have not had many opportunities to cycle outside. I have never been to Scottsdale but understand it is a cycling friendly city featuring epic dessert rides.

I can’t wait. If you are in the area, let me know 😂