When they are needed most … 🤔


I wrote earlier about how people appear when you most need them.

I recounted discovering a weekly cycling group in the area when I didn’t think any organized groups existed here. I recounted discovering a seamstress living nearby when I needed cushions for an inherited rattan couch I cherish. I recounted discovering a laid off roofer, who also lived nearby, when I was in desperate need of a new roof. And, when I needed a new fireplace (the old cast iron one is no longer certified safe and insurance companies refuse to provide insurance), I discovered a fellow down the road that operates a local business specializing in new fireplaces when I cycled past one day and saw his truck in the driveway.

I’ve learned people present themselves when they are needed the most, provided you have an open mind, and listen intently to those around you. None of the people mentioned above are advertised in any way. They are not in the yellow pages. I’m not even certain there are yellow pages any more. None of them have websites, and can’t be Googled. Their services are only available by word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth! That’s how we learned everything in the past. By listening to family, friends, and neighbours.

After several years of procrastinating, yesterday I decided to purchase a light weight, touring kayak to explore the various waterways near the cottage. The local retailers I know only carry recreational kayaks, and I wanted something that tracks better, and travels faster. It seems I needed to shop at one of the larger metropolitan stores to find what I wanted.

As a last resort, I asked my neighbour. He was up to his cottage unexpectedly to cut his grass before leaving for a European holiday. He has been here as long as I have, and knows the area well. I asked him where he purchased his recreational kayak, and could he recommend a place that carries what I’m looking for. He asked if I knew of the place on Highway 11. No. I never travel that way.

Well, I Googled the business. Yeah, they have a website, and do advertise. You guessed it. They carry exactly what I’m looking for, and for 30% less than the metropolitan stores. I travelled there this morning, and purchased a new kayak, and paddle.

When I needed them most, this local business appeared.

Maybe it is because I’m located in a small, rural community with no TV, and limited internet service that I rely on word-of-mouth. It’s easy finding the services I need. In the city, the opposite is true. I have looked for years for a carpenter to do a small kitchen renovation. The job is either to big, or too small for everyone I contact. Here people are easy to find, appreciate the work, arrive on time, and deliver on budget.

Why can’t the city be like this?