Finding a good novel …



I enjoy a good story. Drama. A good movie, or a novel.

Recently, I have been disappointed. It is difficult selecting a good novel to read. I can’t always rely on the critics or friends. For me, picking a good novel is like buying wine. I don’t know much about wine, so I pick the bottles with the labels I like best. And, I do something similar with books. If the cover looks good, it must be good. Right?

For a period, I only read emerging novelists. First time novels. I have book shelves filled with nice covers but few entertained, enlightened, or inspired me in any way.

Last evening, I watched The Equalizer with Danzel Washington, a 2014 movie that was met with mixed reviews. The most interesting part, at least for me, was when Robert McCall, the lead character, revealed he was reading novels from the “100 Best Novels” list published by Modern Library.

What a terrific idea.

I have known of the list, and others like it, but never paid much attention. It includes classics, as selected by a board of prominent thinkers – some I have read but many I kept overlooking. I’m going to start with #1, Ulysses by James Joyce, and work my way down. And, I’m going to read library copies. I may even try electronic versions. That would be a first for me.

I’ll read other works for sure. Notice there are no books on cycling listed.

How long do you think this may take? Do I still have time left?

Chas: “As long as it doesn’t cut into our time.”