Look what I found … 😉

Look what I found.

For the past month, I have transitioned to a body-weight strengthening program because I didn’t think I would have an equipped gym near the cottage. I don’t want to stop strength training for the next 2 months. I will ride more frequently, and longer, but I also want to maintain the strength I have built up over the winter months. So, I switched to a body-weight program – squats, lunges, leg lifts, windshield washers, planks, hamstring curls, calve raises – using only my own body weight that I can do anywhere. Surprisingly, it is the only weight I need.

I was in town today, and discovered a local gym that includes a spinning/yoga studio upstairs equipped with the Keiser spinning bikes I’m accustomed to, free weights, kettle bells, exercise balls, and stretching matts.

I loved it.

It was quiet, clean, and well equipped. I plan to go 1-2 times a week depending on the weather. When it’s sunny and hot, I’ll prefer to be on the bike. But when it rains, or I’m in town to shop, I’ll drop in, and do my customary 60-90 minute workout.

I have been travelling to the cottage for decades (longer really), and never knew this studio existed. It’s funny how the people you need, appear when you most need them. Last year, I wanted custom cushions made for an old rattan couch I treasure, and low and behold, I discovered an upholsterer living in the area looking for work. Ten years ago, I needed a new roof for the cottage, and low and behold, I discovered an experienced, out-of-work roofer renting one of the cottages across the way. Several years ago, I was looking for other road cyclists to ride with once a week. Turns out there is an ex-racer operating a small bike shop in one of the nearby small, very small, towns. Little did I know he services the entire area, started a local cycling club, and has successfully advocated for improved cycling signage, bike routes, events, and improved road surfaces in the area.

Who knew?

All you have to do is look, keep an open mind, and listen.

So here I am in remote, rural, northern Ontario, 10 km to the nearest single-purpose small town, and 30+ km to a major centre where there are restaurants, a variety of shopping options, and big-box stores. So, who would have thought I would have all I need right at my door step?