Look. Look. No hands.


I have marvelled at Chasing Mailboxes‘ photographs, and wondered how she supported her bikes in her photographs. Yesterday she shared how. She uses her helmet.


I have been carefully resting Chas and Lou against something – a table, tree, chair, fence – anything that could support them while I took their picture. The support, no matter what it may have been, became an integral part of the composition. Sometimes this worked. Other times, I have been disappointed. Now, I have an alternative.


This is such a simple idea. No wonder I didn’t think of it 🙂

Chas and I went for a training ride this afternoon. 45 km. 2 laps around the park. A long climb. A fast decent. A lot of rollers. And, several stops for pictures. Different pictures. Pictures I didn’t think I could take.


Now all I have to do it figure out how to use the self timer on my iPhone. It can’t be difficult. Right? Then I can put myself in these shots like Chasing Mailboxes does so well using her helmet to hold her camera.

Another clever idea 🙂

Chas: “Why don’t you think of these things?”