What do you do … 🤔


What do you do … 🤔

When I was asked what I did, I would respond with “I’m a software developer delivering mission critical applications to BC’s major forest product companies.”. And invariably this would lead to more questions about the work itself.

Now that I’m retired when I’m asked the same question, I say “I’m a road cyclist.”. People look at me with a questioning look, and then say, “No. You have too many wrinkles and grey hairs to be a pro cyclist. What do you really do?”

It seems employment is the only worthy thing to do.

What do you do, is the wrong question. It answers how we may pay the bills but it doesn’t begin to answer who we are. What interests us the most. What our personal goals are. We are what activities we enjoy, the foods we prefer to eat and drink, the places we have visited and want to visit, the books we read (or not), the movies we watch (or not), the sports we enjoy (or not), what we dream, and the things we Google.


If you were able to see what I have Googled during the past week you would see a list of light weight touring kayak sites, books authored by Eden Robinson, David Herlighy, and Danny Laferriere, polarized training specifics, various recipes for muffins, salads, and stir fry techniques. That’s who I am this week.

Google searches leave an interesting, and revealing trail. Businesses know this, and are cashing in. They are a glimpse into momentary interests. A cursory, fleeting look that may, no will, change over time, as we continue to navigate through this life experience.

The next time you meet someone for the first time, don’t ask them “What do you do?”. Instead, consider asking them what movie they have enjoyed recently, what book they would recommend, or what they Googled last night?

You will surprised with the response, and where the conversation leads.

You may not learn how the bills are paid, or paid at all, but do you care?