S*** … 😟


Ladies, you can sit this one out if you like.

Like many men my age, I occasionally suffer from a bought of prostatitis, an inflamed prostate.

I don’t mind getting up throughout the night to relieve myself, but I hate having to interrupt a ride to take a pee, particularly when I’m cycling with others. Not only is it embarrassing, but it ruins the ride for everyone.

So, today I visited with my doctor, and Googled “Foods that cause Prostatitis” beforehand. This what I discovered.

Common foods that have been found to exacerbate prostatitis symptoms include:
  • Spicy foods
  • Hot peppers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Acidic foods
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine

S*** … 😟

I don’t like spicy foods, hot peppers, or alcohol BUT do enjoy coffee (a lot of coffee), bread, lemons, limes, and tomatoes. My homemade energy gels include lemon and lime juice. I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning before workouts, and then several more later in the day. And, I often carbo-load the day before lengthy rides, or cycling events with spaghetti, and homemade tomato sauce.

What? Am I causing this myself?

So, what does my doctor think about this?

S*** … 😟

He agreed!

Coffee is a diuretic, and acidic foods (orange juice, limes, lemons, and tomatoes) may be the culprits. He suggested I eliminate all highly acidic foods from my diet for a month to see if it makes a difference 🤔

Otherwise, he suggested they are drug therapies that may help.

S*** … 😟

This will be interesting … 😒

I’ll wean myself off coffee over the next week, substitute water and herbal teas, revise my energy gel recipe to exclude lemon and lime juice, and find a replacement for my post workout sandwiches which generally include sliced tomato.

I’ll give this a try for a month as suggested, and report back. I know there may be other causes, and actually wrote about this 4 years ago. I may not have the most prostate-friendly saddles but they are comfortable in every other way, and have been for a long time. I don’t think they are the problem. I also understand that excessive exercise, particularly squats, can trigger this inflammation.

S*** … 😟

If you have experience with this problem, please comment.

Oh yeah … 🤔 The above photo was taken while in a coffee shop waiting to see my doctor. You can see my coffee cup reflected in the sunglasses. I will also have to stop visiting my favourite, local coffee shops I enjoy so much.

S*** … 😟

What GoToob means … 🤔


GoToob is the civilized, smart, squeezable tube for outdoor activities. The award-winning and patented GoToob is made from soft yet rugged silicone, so it’s easy to squeeze out all of the contents. A large opening makes it easy to fill and clean. And it’s airplane carry-on approved, food-safe (FDA), and 100% BPA and PC-free.

Well, it’s that. A civilized, squeezable tube.

It’s also a signal that I am back outdoors cycling. You see, I make my own gels for cycling. I prefer all natural ingredients, and over the years, have refined a recipe for rides lasting longer than an hour that looks something like this –

  1. Juice of 1 medium Lemon
  2. Juice of 1 Lime
  3. 4 larges Dates
  4. Large handful of Raisons
  5. A tablespoon of Peanut Butter
  6. A tablespoon of Salt
  7. 1 cup of Water (the water used to soak the dates and raisons)
  8. 1/4 cup of filtered, black Coffee

The recipe fills 3 GoToob 89 ml tubes. Depending on effort expended, I try to consume 1  tube each hour. I only have 2 tubes right now, so cannot cycle longer than 2 hours 😂 I lost 2 tubes last year when I had that high-speed crash, and have been meaning to replace them. Now that I’m outside more frequently, I had better make a trip to MEC to purchase a few more tubes.

I’ve tried a variety of other packaged gels and bars but they upset my stomach, particularly on long, hot rides. I sometimes use Cliff Bars but find them too sweet, difficult to open when cycling, difficult to chew, and subsequently difficult to swallow. On the other hand, my homemade gels are easy to access, easy to swallow, easy to digest, and considerably less expensive than pre-packaged alternatives.

If you have a recipe you like, please let me know. I’m always interested in finding a better solution ☕️🍋🍓🍇🍚