The FTP Test ☹️

I did the FulGaz FTP Test today. As expected, there was little difference from the last test taken ~ 2 months ago.

2 watts.

I didn’t plan this test well. I was rested. That’s good. But, I went too hard during the warmup, particularly on the 2 preliminary climbs. More importantly, I started the test too soon. Apparently, FulGaz changed the visual display that counts down to the start, and I wasn’t sure when to go. So, I started going hard too early. Would it have changed the result? Maybe.

Next time I’ll pay more attention.

The test is hard. It is supposed to be. At the end, I was fully spent. My legs felt like rubber. That’s the way it is. It’s not a pleasant experience. If it is, you are not working hard enough. Next time, I’ll pace myself better. The grade isn’t consistent during the climb, ranging from 4-8%, and I didn’t react to the changes quickly enough, losing power on the easier grades. I’ll know better next time.

I may also do the test using the Wahoo computer as well to see if there is a difference. I’m curious. I understand that different platforms provide different results. I suppose it doesn’t matter what platform you use. It’s really only important to be consistent.

In any event, I have a number.

So, I can begin FulGaz’s FTP training program. Actually, I have already started, so will continue where I left off a month ago. The plan is to complete 2-3 of these interval sessions each week. Each of the sessions are ~ 60 minutes long, I have already completed 10 of the 39 workouts.

Only 29 more to go.

There is another scheduled test in 3-4 weeks, and one at the end. The plan is to make improvement. Remember? The goal is a wattage gain of 5% during February. I haven’t decided the goal for March. It will depend on how I do this month.

The work begins.

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