Virtual descents …

The thing about indoor training is you needn’t worry about traffic, the weather, or crashing.

Several years back, I crashed in a Fondo event doing 65 kph down a long descent. I was knocked unconscious, waking just as the ambulance reach the hospital. I suffered a “mild” concussion, lost part of a tooth, had several stitches in my lower lip, and scraped the skin off my knees and shoulder, but was otherwise OK. No broken bones. I wasn’t even kept in the hospital overnight for observation. I was fine, but it took me awhile to feel comfortable descending at speed again. But that’s a whole other story.

With FulGaz, and a smart trainer, descending is a whole different experience. There is nothing to worry about. Someone else picks the line. You needn’t worry about on coming traffic, slowing for the switchbacks, or flying off the side of the road. No. You simply put your head down. change into the highest gear you can mange, and power down the mountainside as fast as you can.

It’s exhilarating?

But reckless.

I’m a little worried about getting back outside again on the bike. I may be adopting some bad habits.

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