Book me a ticket …

I once wrote that a good golf course demands the use of all the clubs in the bag, from wedges to driver.

And, that a good bike ride demands the use of all the gears to power up long, steep climbs, and race down long, fast snake-like descents.

Today, I discovered the perfect ride. It starts with a 10 minute 3 km climb (~7%), followed by a 10 minute, fast, snake-like descent. The ride uses “all of the clubs in the bag”. It’s short, so I could do it every day if I wanted (and I may). It has spectacular ocean views the entire ride. And, there is little, or no, traffic on smooth roads. It’s perfect.

If you follow this blog, you know I purchased a smart trainer so that I could continue to train regularly inside during the cold, wet winter months in these parts. Because of COVID, the gyms are closed, so I setup my own indoor training space with a smart trainer, dumbbells, mat, and exercise ball. And, you also know I have been testing a variety of smart trainer apps, and seem to have landed on FulGaz. I like the variety of rides that are available, life like display, and training plans. Despite a few “connection issues” with the most current software release, support is excellent, and the rides are the best I have seen. It is the next best thing to riding outside.

During the past 2 months, I have cycled in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Israel, US, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. Some of the rides have been difficult, some easy, a few long, and others short. In all cases, they have been enjoyable, enabling me to select the type of ride I wanted, or needed, that day. Today, I discovered the perfect ride. A ride that demanded “all of the clubs in the bag”, a ride I intend to complete regularly, and a ride I have already added to my “favourites”. It’s the kind of ride I can use as a warm up, or cool down for other rides. It’s the kind of ride that puts a smile on my face.

It’s perfect.

So, this is a shoutout to FulGaz for providing the most realistic, indoor riding experience, and most extensive library of rides from around the globe.

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