Why I like training indoors …

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting out on my bikes, particularly on hot, summer days.

But, when the weather turns, I start thinking about training indoors. Although I have persevered through rain, snow, and gale like winds, I prefer to workout indoors. As a rule of thumb, when the temperature dips below 10 C, I head indoors.

When shifters were on down tubes, I had a wheel-on, noisy trainer in the basement. When the kids were in bed, I’d head down there for an hour, sometimes longer, battling the inevitable boredom with a selection of up tempo music. When the kids got older, the basement was repurposed, first as a playroom, and later as a bedroom. The trainer started collecting dust, and I headed to the local gyms to spin.

With Covid spiking, I’m not returning to the gym any time soon. Instead, I have repurposed a walk-in closet in my den into a “pain cave” with a wheel-off smart trainer.

My how things have changed.

The smart trainer, and the wide variety of training apps available, have transformed the experience into what feels very much like a real ride outside. I’m not going to discuss the various apps now. That will come later as I test a number of them. Instead, I’m going to list a few reasons why I prefer to train indoors.

Its a continuous effort. No stops. No resting. As a result, a 45-60 minute effort can be an excellent workout.

My bike never gets dirty. Occasionally, the drive train may need lubrication, and the trainer needs to be calibrated every few weeks, but otherwise my bike is maintenance free.

There is no wind, rain, or snow to dampen my spirits 😃

Its convenient. I can train whenever I want, regardless of the time of day, or weather.

There are no punctures to repair. I hate breakdowns on the road, especially if I have to call for a ride ☹️

I can experience rides all over the world, in places I am not likely to ever visit. For example, this off-season I plan to ride all of the iconic European routes.

If you are serious about cycling, I’d recommend purchasing a smart trainer, if you haven’t already. Covid is here for awhile. Stay safe. Gyms are not the safest places to train. Stay home instead.

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