Pain Cave additions … šŸ–„šŸ’¬

There are a few additions I needed.

It’s not enough to just have a trainer, bike, and software. I needed a few things. First, I had to decorate by hanging several jerseys, medals, and other cycling trophies. This was free. Then I went shopping at Amazon to purchase a matt, and sweat protector for the bike. Next, I went to the local hardware store to buy a standing, oscillating fan. And lastly, I visited BestBuy to purchase a 22″ monitor, and a lightning to HDMI converter.

This is Version 1 of the Cave, the least expensive setup. I’m running the app on my iPhone, and projecting it onto the larger monitor. I already had the phone, and bike. I needed to purchase the trainer, matt, sweat protector, fan, monitor, and converter. All this cost less than $1,800 CAD. Next season, if I enjoy the indoor experience, I’ll switch to a large, wall mounted TV with an Apple TV. For now, this is a huge improvement to the spinning bikes I have been used to using in the winter months.

Oh. One other thing. I had an old towel.

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