The edge … 😂

The edge.

The K-EDGE. I just installed this puppy on my gravel bike.

Strava has transformed my training methods. And the Wahoo Bolt makes it easier, and better.

Over the years I have tried many cycling computers. Wired. Wireless. Those with heart rate monitors. Those with cadence sensors. Some that report grade as well as speeds and distances. But none with the features included with the Wahoo, or with seamless Strava integration.

I began using Strava years ago, but didn’t stay with it. I didn’t like how it turned every ride into a race. Rather than vary the intensity of my workouts, every ride I was chasing PRs. Never KOMs. They were always out of reach 😂

A few years ago, I began using the app again, particularly while at Camp PEDALworks. I liked how I could find new routes, and other cyclists in the area. This social aspect of the app, is one of its strengths. The community I have developed keeps me motivated. Evan after years of use, I continue to find new routes, and new cycling buddies.

The Wahoo Bolt has numerous features. I won’t list them all here. Rather, I’ll explain the one I like most. It allows me to customize the display, and to have multiple displays. I’m sure other computers can do something similar, but I like that I can easily, and quickly do this on my iPhone, not on the unit itself. I can chose from a wide variety of metrics, and arrange them in any order.

Why do I have multiple displays?

Well, I do multiple types of workouts. Sometimes, I’m most interested in the duration of the ride. Other times, it’s heart rate zone. I train by HR and subscribe to polarized training, so it’s important to know how hard I’m working. On unfamiliar routes, I’m interested in knowing the grade. And, on some rides, I flip amongst the displays depending on the terrain, my work effort, or specific goals.

When I first began cycling I was not interested in numbers. I just rode to have fun and test myself. As my training methods, and bikes, improved I became a numbers nerd. How else can you measure progress. Some never progress to this level. They simply ride for the fun of it. And that’s fine. But, if you get serious about your fitness, you want to begin measuring speed, distance, and relative effort. And even if you never win the TDF, you become a numbers nerd 😂

Strava and the Wahoo Bolt are the perfect training tools for cyclists. How did I ever manage without them 😂 They give me the edge I need to cycle faster and further with less effort, even at my age.

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