I’m a big fan … 😃

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, and gym closures, I have searched YouTube in search of home workout suggestions, and motivation. I discovered Redefining Strength, and have become a big fan. Cori Lefknowif’s regular videos demonstrate a wide variety of body weight exercises, and stretches, that can be done anywhere. Also, I admire her business model. It may become the “new normal” for personal trainers.

Cyclists train quads and glutes to improve on-bike performance with a variety of squats, and lunges in the gym using dumb bells, squat racks, and leg press machines. The above video demonstrates ways to increase the intensity of these moves, but only using body weight.

Give them a try, and let me know what you think. Can you train effectively just using your own body weight?

I’ve challenged myself to perform a perfect push-up, and Cori has a video to help with that. Several actually. Once I began thinking of it as a “moving plank”, I realized it is an ideal exercise for cyclists to master. Similarly, the “pistol squat”, although an advanced move, is excellent for cyclists as well. The above video demonstrates how to progress, and master it.

Now I have another challenge – to complete a pistol squat … 😂

Can you do a pistol squat?

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