Be careful … ☹️

Fi’zi:k Saddle Bag

Be careful if you use the Fi’zi:k integrated saddle bag.

I have been using these saddles for years, so when the company introduced their integrated saddle bags, I jumped on the band wagon. I have them on 2 of my bikes. It’s such a clever, elegant design.

Or is it?

Yesterday while heading out I heard a thump on the ground behind. A passing cyclist yelled “you dropped something”. I stopped, and looked back. My saddle bag was on the ground. The clip that fastens it to the saddle broke. It’s a good thing I was warned. Otherwise, I would have lost tire irons, a new tube, and a favourite multi tool.

Apparently this is not an uncommon problem. A quick Google search unearthed many other cyclists with the same problem. Some lost not only repair tools but phones and wallets too.

So I caution you. If you use this bag consider others that secure on the rails. That’s what I’m doing. This time I was lucky.

1 thought on “Be careful … ☹️

  1. Hi there, this also happened to me, such a good idea but a poor quality accessory from a premium brand!
    Ride safe,

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